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I want my wine to be art – provocative, interesting, and true to the Raw Materials

Darek Trowbridge



A true expression of the land...

Pastoral Winemaker, Darek Trowbridge celebrates the diversity in the vineyard, creating wines that are well balanced, provocative and true to the grapes.  Nothing is added to the wine except a minimal amount of protective sulfur.

As one of the leaders in the field of “Natural Wines” Darek Trowbridge uses century old techniques to produce chemical free wines that become a singular expression of the winemaker, the grapes and the land. 

Darek has been making biodynamic wines at Old World Winery for 20 years.  His passion is inviting nature into his winemaking using 120 year old field blends and rare varietals.  Using only the grapes and the naturally occurring native yeast to create wines, Darek knows his wines become the true expression of the natural beauty that exists in the vineyard.