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Autumn is Wise - Fall 2016 Newsletter
Winter is dead; spring is crazy; summer is cheerful and autumn is wise!
— Mehmet Murat Ildan

Right now I am sitting with a glass of Cider, the first vintage of Trowbridge Cider and it seems fitting that this beginning comes at an ending, the ending of my house with the fire in August.  Just the next week after the fire, we bottled the cider (thanks to you dedicated followers of Old World who like to get involved and help bring these natural beverages to the world!).  Cider is just wine from apples and it is lovely when it sparkles, like champagne but with half the alcohol.  I am excited to bring this to you, but the labels burned so look for a release in the coming months.

As I contemplate all the change in the recent months, I am giving thanks for all that I have and for the support of you all.  The next time you visit the tasting room you will see an airstream trailer next door where the kids and I now live, and the space has developed wonderfully!  The flow of the space has improved even though there is more being asked of it, and the post fire wisdom continues to flow into the further development of spaces here as we rebuild.  The house will be completely different as it ends its 100 year anniversary with ashes and moves into its identity for the next 100 years.  

They say “all’s well that ends well” and it is especially true when no one gets hurt, focused on our blessings we move into the next phase of our life, perhaps not of 100 years, but we’ll take every day we can get!

The wines I bring for your consideration this Fall are three:

2009 Syrah
Benchland Soils of Dry Creek

Most Hermitage-like Syrah we’ve ever made. Bright red and black cherry balanced nicely with slightly tart acidity. The tannins are smooth and restrained and the finish is medium.

The 2009 Syrah comes from two vineyards located on the characteristic benchland soils of the West Side of Dry Creek Valley.  Underneath loam soil is a shale strata that allows roots to go deep but they have to work for it and therein lies the anchor of minerality and complexity, deep roots and rocks.

2013 Gewurztraminer
Dempel Vineyard, Mendocino County

100% Skin Contacted Gewurz was crushed by foot, then give 24 hours on the skin before pressing. Dry, lovely, aromas of Rose, Honey, Ginger, Incense, Allspice, Cinnamon, Smoke

Bob Dempel is a special family friend, he rented a room from the famous Victorian House my grandfather got for a dollar when they built the Santa Rosa JC and it drove down Mendocino Avenue until it got to where Bob stayed in it, Klute Street.  Bob told me he had some Gewurz and I said bring it in.  I am sure glad I did.  There are only a handful of cases left so we are giving you a parting look at it.

2014 ERA Pinot Noir
Red Wine, Late Harvest
Tony & Martha’s Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

As it is a late harvest wine, the grapes are left on the vine for a longer period of time allowing them to build up more residual sugar.  Flavor slightly jammy with a hint of molasses.  Smooth.

And on with the new!  This is the first port-like wine I have made, it is one of the most esoteric wines out there, a Pinot Noir that could talk down a Great White Shark.  Check out the original artwork by Emile Rosewater and myself, we felt the packaging matched what’s inside, a complete original.