Spring 2017 is Suddenly Here!

At this moment, as I have a glass of Trowbridge Cider, I notice Spring is here and it seems to have been in an instant!  All that rain stopped for a moment and perhaps that moment will increase - but we have had plenty of rain.  Now for the groundwater to replenish, soil microbes to flourish, grass to put on mass, and shoots to bud out and grow with the abundance the rain has provided.  The grass seems to have a mass I have not seen in years even before the drought existed, a stellar winter rain for a farmer to work with after he has repaired the damage from flooding, erosion.  

This calls for celebration!  Even if there are things happening that aren’t desirable...Time is linked to the seasons, it is how we experience time, through the movement of nature's growth, a growth that occurs on a continuum, that continuum is time.  This time of year you can walk daily and see changes, growth changes, more shade comes from more leaves, which is good because more sun comes with longer days.  The days continue to get longer until the Summer Solstice on June 20, after that they begin to get shorter again.  So the time for celebration is now!  Let’s bring some cool stuff out of the cellar and show you how my wines age.  Who does that?  Only Old World, and I’ve got proof in the wines.

Starting May 20, 2017 and every two weeks after that, and continuing through the end of July, I will be releasing and pouring a total of ten Cellar Selection wines from the Old World Winery Library.  Every two weeks I will introduce two new Cellar Selection wines starting with the 2005 Syrah (only 6 cases remain) and the 2006 Two Rock (only 4 cases left).  To make it easy for everyone to participate, the tasting room will stay open until 6PM on each of the Saturday release dates.  I  will update every two weeks with the next Library Wine releases.  

Additionally I will still be pouring my core wines including the 2013 “Luminous” Abouriou, The 2013 “Flow” Syrah and the 2013 “Abundance” Field Blend (1890 Block). Mark your calendars for every other Saturday starting on May 20, so you can be the first to taste and purchase these extraordinary wines before they are all gone.  When they are sold out that's it... no more, nada, zilch, that's all folks.  Please join us as we present these special wines to you.      

Spring is also the time for planting!  We have begun the planting process here at the winery where we have invited people to adopt a vine.  The first part of the process is to put mulch (that I have aged to a compost consistency) on the field to about 5 inches thick which will assist in water retention, add organic matter,  add essential microbes, and bring organic matter back to the soil, all of which will feed the vine in an incredible way.  Then we’ll do stake layout and plant a field blend of interesting things: vines I have grown from seed, scion from 120 years ago (1890 Block), original Riesling scion from the earliest planting in Oregon, and other interesting things that may be picked together or fermented separately depending but most likely producing a sparkling rose!  

Come and check it out, and, oh yeah, to top it off we are building a Tiny House, more on that later!  

With Love, Darek

Tony Immordino